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Bangalore, March 19, (
Everything was ranjitha Acceptability. Swami Nithyananda rape case is another twist. His lawyer Nagesh told the Karnataka High Court that Nithyananda was involved in sex with her in mutual agreement. Yu-turn took the whole of Nithyananda's argument that the allegations that the victim woman was all about her was untrue and rape was imposed on him to trouble her. It is not a rape, but a sexual intercourse with mutual consent. In all, she was convinced by the latest comments that she was involved in sex with the victim. 


The woman complained to police that she had sexually abused her and repeatedly raped her. The case was filed in 2010. She accused Nithyananda of raping her in a bunker ashram near Bangalore. She said that she had come out of the shelter as she had been sexually abused. The truth is that she does not have any connection with the woman and she has been accused of making such allegations. In the course of the case, he has been refusing to do a masculinity test and a petition in the Supreme Court. The story of the actress Ranjitha and Nithyananda has created a dilemma.

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