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Bhadradri kothagudem, March 3,(
24 hours electricity supply for crops .. Distribution of seeds and fertilizers .. In the coming days, an amount of Rs.8,000 per acre (Kharif, rabi) is distributed.Goodbye. If the farmers are allowed to buy the crops that have been harvested for six months to take advantage of all this,Are falling asleep. The government has introduced various schemes for the benefit of the elder brothers. This issue If the rulers take the initiative, they will look forward to farming. The farmers of Kothagudem, Bhadradri are not farmers in the new districts. This is the last one In the three years, there are positive climatic conditions for cultivation in the district. The Bhaktaramadasu Lighthouse Scheme in Khammam district has led to many ponds and wells Underground waters have increased. Sagar water is also released in the last couple of years. Groundwater in Khammam district after completion of modernization of lift schemes and completion of new schemes Increased.The situation has also occurred in Bhadradr. RWS officers fell into Mission Bhagiratha and dropped CPW drinking water schemes. PW drinking water schemes.


The rws Engineering Division was constructed and the central government would have to pay 12, 13 financial community funds to the district parishath. The District Parishads have been funded by the RWS Department.The department managed. The Management conduct tenders annually and finalize the contractors. They employed the contract workers to conduct these schemes. To the extent of bills being paid every month.The taxpayers paid salaries to the workers and paid electricity bills. Since April 2014, the 14th Finance Commission has been suspended from the Central Government to the JPC. Based on census Directly to the village panchayats. Panchayats have been given various provisions for spending money to the village panchayats. Fresh drinking water requirements are 14% of the 14th Finance Commission funding.Only need to spend. However, all Gram panchayats in the district have no CWT drinking water schemes. Around 10 percent of the funds from these villages have been collected by the CWD Planning schemes have become impossible. Serpents are demanding that they provide funds. Since April 2014, RWs do not conduct tenders for the implementation of these schemes.It is noteworthy that if they are allocating maintenance work to the contractors, they can not get the funds or leave it to the contract workers.

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