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Vijayawada, March 03, (
The MPs, MLAs, and MLCs have left for Delhi to perform Protest for special status. Party leaders arriving at Talakulam in Prakasam district met Jagan in padayatra. Jagan, who met the leaders, dharna to be held in Delhi and discussed the special status fight and directed the leaders. Later, the MPs, MLAs, and MLCs launched Chhalo Dhilli pilgrimage. Party leaders will hold Protest for the special status of Delhi Sansad Margalo on December 5. Speaking on this occasion, Jagan said that the special status movement would be further intensified.


YSRCP MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy said that the state will fight for the purpose of Parliament. Chandrababu is very unhappy about the state. We do not understand the attitude of Chandrababu. He said that the purpose of this trip was to take special action against Delhi and take up the issue of intensification of the status quo. YSRCP leaders said the decision to introduce a confidence motion on the central government for the status of the government in Parliament, as well as the demand of the MPs to demand the status. Why did Chandrababu fight back in the special status struggle?

Some party leaders have already reached Delhi, and the rest will come out today, "he said. The Center ignored the implementation of the directions of the Partition Act, claiming that 11 states were not eligible for an EC status. Recall that the YSRCP was concerned to make the center of the eye. AP Chief Minister Chandrababu's is changing his words on special status. Chandrababu has speak out for the sake of political purposes. Declining the status of the government, he said that the unbelievable resolution would also be introduced in the Lok Sabha. He said that the resolution should be seen by other parties. Mekhapati said that discussion in the Lok Sabha will also be given notice under the 184 clause of the status Act.

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