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Rajinikanth, who has been a co-star in South India, has acted in about 175 movies and is said to be one hundred times in a film. In the political field, however, it was announced that it would enter politics in the last day of the year. The new term is to bring about the 'spiritual politics' of fighting corruption and promoting the promises. Baba's film, which he portrayed as his party symbol, was taken. There is no talk about the country except the state. Another party said that his party will not be activists and volunteers. He has come to know that those who can spend Rs one crore in one constituency come forward as candidates. Rajini, who has come to politics for twenty years, has been indirectly contributing to DMK's success by calling on him to defeat the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in 1996. Jayalalitha won the same call in 1998 and 2001.) Since then, it is not true that politics will come here.

In Tamil Nadu Karunanidhi, MGR, Shivaji Ganesan, Jayalalithaa, Bhagyaraja, Sarath Kumar, Vijayakanth, Vishal and Kushbo have played political roles with their livelihood. Karunan MGR Jayalalitha has long been the chief ministers. Another unique feature of Tamil Nadu is that no national party has succeeded in the half-century. Dravidian parties are ruling on the foundations of the non-rational non-Brahmin movement. Periyar was founded in November 1916 by the South Indian Liberal Federation (SILF), formed by the Ramaswamy Nayakkar and others. Periyar came to the politics and found the DMK and faced Congress. In 1953, the DMK came from DMK to the DMK. MGR and Karunanidhi attracted the attention of the then DMK. Karunanidhi came to power in 1967 when the chief minister, Annaadurai died in 1969. At that point, he played a strong role in opposing the blacksmithing and protests against the center. By 1972, the Anna DMK was formed when the differences between the MGR and the boycott of him. Came to power in 1977. Jayalalithaa entered another five. 26-year-old Anna DMK and 12-year-old DMK ruled.

 In addition to the Dravidian politics, welfare schemes have become part of their political culture. On the other hand, the lack of boundless corruption and even the intolerance of the latter can not tolerate. The political vacuum with the death of Jaya has led to the possibility that Rajinikanth is likely to have an idea of the fact that the post-Dravidian phase begins. The fact that spiritual politics is the issue of the BJP's pavilion politics. Rajasekhar's statement is close to anybody, says RSS ideologue Gurumurthy. In the case of Merzel, he does not speak of secular democratic ideas.

Before this announcement, Arunkaragar's relative Dhanakaran, who had been a freestyle player in the by-election, had done a great deal of success as Rajani. Dhanakaran, who went to jail for many allegations, went to jail and was defeated by DMK for the first time. The DMK did not win in the present situation. Voters rejecting DMK can have hopes in Rajinikanth. But the main angle in the verdict is anger against central BJP conspirators. First, after the shaft, the pellet was sown over the top of the Swaminarai Swamy and the strategy changed and the BJP did not want to try to gain the strength of the state. Now, Rajani Kant is also asked to be good with the same BJP. Without a vote in Tamil Nadu, the Left parties are battling social judgments. There is also a criticism of Rajinik's statement in the statement. There were criticisms about Rajan's donation less than two decades ago. His roles in films do not make any addictions or girls dancing or dancing.

The sentiment is mandatory with the role of an old patient patient. There are dialogues about poor people whenever possible. The MGR has taken care to recollect the story of a Sajjana leader in this way. Prior to being in office, the Chief Minister made donations to the poor and paid attention to welfare schemes. Rajani's characters are quite different from MGR. Along with the aggressor, the style of Raja is very close to the audience. Stylesheets can be remembered as an actor. Some argue that his coming into politics is to create illusions with this dubious image. Rajini has the opportunity to be honored with Modi. These are the differences. After the death of Jayalalitha, the affluent classes are well supported by him and are also ready to provide resources. The next episode will depend on what Dinakaran did when he said he would break the government in three months after a great victory. The High Court will decide on 18 MLAs who have been disqualified. Whether or not others will come to bed for that verdict. When they come to the government, the government will fall and legislative elections will come

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