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March 3, (
“First look somavaram, Mata kalipe mangalavaram”
Our younger hero Nitin shared his association with "Gha Ghaw Megha" with his listeners.

'Nitin Megha Aakash' is a movie starring "Chal Mohan Ranga". Krishna Chaitanya is directing the film and producer of Mrs. Nichita Reddy, Pawan Kalyan Creative Works, Trivikram and Sresth Movies are jointly produced. The literature that starts with "First look somavaram" is taken seriously Rayo did not know, but the film was originally released on the first look Monday (February 12). This 'week' song was released today at 10am.


THOMAN, who once again made good melody with "Gha Gh Megha", is coming with good dance number for this time. The instruments that are tuned in his songs are just as important as the tunes. So when he listens to the auditors, But with the lyrics to the music, that song stands for long hours in the hearts of people. After seven days of the week, the literary award winner Kedarnath wrote the song, using his own chematakara for one day, and Nakash Aziz brought his song to the audience more and more. The songs of the musical and literature comedy are directed by director Krishna Chaitanya. Producer N. Sudhakar Reddy is going to release the audience on April 5. The other major cast of the film: DKV Naresh, Liji, Rohini Hattangadi, Rao Ramesh, Sanjay Swarup, Prabhas Srinu, Narrashree, Madhunanadhan, Pragati, Satya, Pammy Sai, Rajasri Nair, Asha Reddy, Vennela Rama Rao, Kireeti, Randhir , Neelima Bhavani, Baby Hashini, Baby Master, Master Joy, Master Lakhith, Master Snehith, Master Scandan.

Music: Thaman S., Camera: N.Nataraja Subramanian, Composition: SR Shekhar, Dances: Shekhar.VJ, Combat: Stunt Silva, Ravi Varma; Submission: Mrs.Nikita Reddy, producer: N. Sudhakar Reddy.

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