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Hyderabad March 20 (
Telangana state government is building a double bedroom house in the state. About two and a half lakh houses are being built across the state with nearly 18,000 crore. But in Greater Hyderabad, under construction, one lakh houses were built. Nearly 50 lakh tender for the houses have already been completed. There are already 93,000 houses in different phases. But in the first place, if the double bedroom is not very demanding, now there is a double demand for double bedroom. Baladiya is constructing a hundred lakh houses in 109 locations. Of these, 41 areas, 10 thousand 269 houses. The remaining 68 locations are being constructed in various Open Place. They are located in Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Medchal and Sanga Reddy districts.


 Initially, double bedroom houses had many problems. In some places there is a land problem. In other places, people have not intruded to empty the battles. Double-bedroom house construction in Greater has become a challenge.The double bedroom houses that are built in three parts of the double bedroom built in GHMC range will become separate townships.In Patan Cheruvu Kollur, 15,600 GhatKesar Mandalam Ramampally village 6 thousand 500 and Ahmadguda 4,041 houses are under construction. Their construction is rapidly growing. However, information about the KDRC will be reviewed soon. Double bedroom homes in Telangana are well known for their countrywide recognition. We have already visited Double Bedroom Houses which are already being constructed by central ministers and officials from various states. The double bedroom houses got a full demand. But there is no problem for allocating 10,000 houses built in bastis .. The remaining 90,000 houses are a challenge. But now there is no such problem. The choice of buyers will become a problem for the authorities. The IDH colony in Singam Cheruvu Secunderabad and the singam cheruvu  double bedroom are waiting for a lot of poor people looking for double bedroom. Already, over half a million bedroom houses have already received over 5 lakh applications in GHMC, but officials say that they will choose the most transparent buyers. Do not scot in the ground louvelles and say their Aadhaar cards are connected. Not only the beneficiary's savings, but also the family members of the family who are in their house. Through this, a beneficiary is expected to be eligible for a one-time housing scheme.

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