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Kurnool March 20 ( The dream of farmers waiting for years have come true. For irrigation, it has been  repeated to the public and the government. This will finally be checked for irrigation problems in Kurnool district. In the district, it is important to recognize the importance of the project and not to allow government approval for a year. The government will approve the project Monday. The government is ready to keep his word. The government also agreed to fill Krishna's waters for 68 ponds in the western region of 'Vedavathi' in the West


There is a proposal to set up a pond reservoir in Kurnool district. The DPR was sent to the government .. Nothing more than a year ago. It is possible to store 15-20 tmcs of water and produce two crops under Casey. Water is supplied to the bottom of the canal. The estimated cost of the project in 2014 is about Rs 2,400 crore. Now it is said that it will grow. Kurnool district has no need for any new project, a single pond reservoir is built.
Deputy CM KN Krishnamurthi has been very persistent in his efforts to fill up the waters of Handriniva water for 106 ponds in the West. The government has agreed to reduce the amount of water for the ponds of Rs. 223 crores. 68 pond water filling project. Many villages in the Adani division of the famine area are suffering from irrigation and drinking water. Due to the construction of the reservoir on the Vedavati, the tranquility and irrigation problems are eliminated with 1 TMC water. The full report has not yet been prepared for this project. So far the government has not given permission. But now that the government has given approval, the survey and research work will begin. The government will give green signal to this.

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