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Guntur, March 12, (
Pawan Kalyan said that he will announce his assets when the time comes. Talking to reporters in Mangalgiri, he said that he is going to be available to his people. People's solution to the issue and the party's support should be sought. Janasena President Pawan Kalyan had landed on his home in Kaja in Guntur district on Monday. Come to Panchekattu and participate in Homam. In the village of Kaja near Amaravati, a party office is to be built along with his wife. The aim is to complete the construction in six months. Pawan and his wife went to Vijayawada Sunday for this puja. Pawan, who has been running party activities since Hyderabad, is expected to move to Amaravati by the time the polls are approaching. The program was sent only to family members and close friends. 


After the program, he spoke with the media. He said that he intended to stay close to the people and hence decided to build a house in this area. I always wanted to be close to Amaravati. There is a need to be among the people of the state. Even if he wants to go to people, people can come to him, but here it is easier. He said he would announce his future function after 14 months. He said he would never hide his opinions and told him that he would not run away if problems arise. Pavan said he would say the words in his mind on Jansen's birthday. Pawan Kalyan said that he will announce his assets when the time comes. Ugadi is in Amaravati. Pawan said he would make a key announcement in the Janasena formation on 14th of this month. Pawan said that the party will function after the House and will appoint 12 official representatives. Pavan said that the youngsters are important for the party as the youngsters are important, but the new ones in the juniors do not get the priority. Arrangements have been made rapidly for the Janasena plenary in Guntur. Plenary will be held on 14th March at Acharya Nagarjuna University, 14 acres. The massive crowd is expected to move from 13 districts to this House. It seems like trying to assemble four to five thousand people.

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