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Hyderabad,February 6,(
Good morning for the muhurtas. The wedding of the wedding is going to be Shuru. With three months of fading, wedding bags are coming. The good muhurthas are ... before marrying in marriage. Functions are busy with busy halls and shopping. In the Telugu states too, the wedding bags are coming soon ... coming up the summer is not sunny with her .... Goodies are coming to the state. The bridal art is coming to the state with good wishes. Telugu people are getting ready to wear bridal accessories.


For three months, the couples are ready to unite with three-fold couples. So far, the three months of fading time has come to an end with good hours. This is the month of futures that the marriage arrangements are getting momentum. The scholars say that there are good muhurtas from the month of October 19th. The scholars say that large-scale marriages will be held on February 21, 23, 24. The state will once again be housed here with brides. Many couples are facing the muhurthas as well as the good fortune of March 4. These forecasts are estimated to have more than a thousand weddings. Many function halls in the state have already been booked. 

More than one lakh marriages were held in three days from November 24 to 16 last year. Since then, this year, the moods came to a halt for the second week of this month. These fools end with the second week of this month. Vedic scholars say that all of these are from the month of October 19th until the state is waiting for wedding queues. At the shopping complex itself, the boom began. Engage mums and champions are now available for the wedding. This makes all the malls popping up with people.

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