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Hyderabad,February 6,(
In Telangana Congress, the reverse began to revive reddy. Before joining the party came the opposition from Komati Reddy Brothers. Many leaders came forward to compete with him without joining them. Own party leaders do not mind if the ruling party is criticized with all evidence.


The result is what Revant Reddy is trying to do. Prior to joining Congress, the Ravind Reddy is trying to narrow the TRS. Ketiar uncle's tribal certificates revealed. As a result, it became a big buzz. Even though the complaint to the STC commission was not beneficial to see the case. He did not care if his party had been entrusted to the STI. There is no one talking about minister Ketiar uncle certificates. The debate is that the pink leaders are helping the Congress leaders in the lowest possible way. Revenue Minister Reddy Reddy said in the Jadcherla Sabha that health minister Laksham Reddy is a thief doctor. It's a big story. Minister Lakshmareddi raised the tipping point of the same answer to the mouth closed Revantreddi.

The mistake was made by Lakshmreddi, but seniors in the Congress did not stand up to Revant Reddy. Afterwards, the TRVs were targeted at current purchases. A challenge from the martyrs' stupa to throw a debate on electricity purchases. Both parties declared it was open to debate. But the TRS slipped down. In this case, the Congress has not received much support from Congress seniors. Revantreddi tried to endure the TRS but did not benefit. Speaking to target the ruling party in the matter of corruption, the other is not supported by Revathy Reddy. Revantreddy was not talking to the government before joining the Congress party. Janarreddy was the only one to speak the hardest. Now after the arrival of Rev. Reddy, the aggressor has grown. If they speak, they think they are silent only because the image of Ravant is growing. It is delayed to think that Ravind Reddy will give a key position. As a result, the argument about how many years has passed. Revanth Reddy thinks that it is better to be able to give him a job. On the other hand, Revant Reddy is ready to take a walk ... Komati Reddy, DK Aruna and Ponam Prabhakar are coming to the competition. As a result, Revant Reddy seems to be thinking about what to do.

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