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Hyderabad,February 6,(
AP MPs are fighting against the party in the parliament. Pannan Kalyan, a former Jansana leader, said that MPs are going to Parliament to do business. But we say uniformly that we are going to people. If this is unified, the original AP split would be the same. Now that TDP, VCP, and Congress leaders are the only thing to say. They are fighting against the state government on the injustice of the state. Telugu Desam MPs have been fighting with the orders given by the party chief and Chief Minister Chandrababu.


Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan MPs have been given notices to Nareshyam, Kesineni Nani, and Lemon Kesppappa to take action to implement division guarantees. The matter was taken into consideration by the notice under the provisions of Section 193 on the implementation of Divisional Guarantees Act. Sumitra Mahajan did not agree. The result was that the House had to be postponed. On the other hand, Congress MP KVP Ramachandra Rao had strongly argued at the sitting of the Rajya Sabha chairman, Vice President Venkiah Naidu in his seat. Asked to discuss the injustice done to the AP. This is not allowed. At the same time, TDP MPs protested at the premises of the Parliament at the Gandhi idol. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised to implement the guarantees. 

On the other hand, VSP leaders in the Vivi Subba Reddy issue were concerned. Demand for discussion in the House. When they were concerned, AP MPs could not do what Kambhampatti Hari Babu and Gogaraz Ganges could do. I could not do anything except silently watching. Hari Babu is saying that injustice was not done to AP. The whole country is doing injustice ... BJP leaders and the MPs are not aware of it.

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