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Amravati, February 01 (
The assignment lands assigned by the government to the poor and Dalit community. In the Rayalaseema districts, the dams are increasing. The matter came to light when the High Court Government Pleader (GP), which advocates the cases of occupied lands on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh government, raised this issue. He has written a letter to the government to take immediate measures to ensure that the assignable lands are being done.The Government has been engaged in cultivating cultivated land for the upliftment of the poor, Dalit and tribal communities since 1950. The Center brought a key amendment to the Assed Lands Act in 1969, when complaints about these assignable lands were being reported by some minorities. Sale of Land and Prohibition of Rights The Andhra Pradesh Assigned Lands Act was introduced in 1977 to include more protection measures in the AP.According to the Andhra Pradesh Assigned Land Act-1977, land transfer and sale are completely prohibited. However, there are some exceptions. Former soldiers, freedom fighters, and political victims have been given the opportunity to sell the lands assembled with the collector's document after 10 years.
                                                  INACCURACIES IN ASSIGNED 

NONS is not possible for everyone to do this. There are many cases in the back of the screen and the light on the Visakhapatnam earthquake. On the other hand, some modalities in Rayalaseema are running a new move. The terms and conditions for which the assignment of the land is not subject to the mortgage, the AP Co-Operative Act - is not in existence in 1964.As a result, large-scale loans are given to those who get asset lands from cooperative banks working under this Act. Kadapa, Chittoor, Anantapur, and Kurnool districts have been heavily dependent on these types of loans. Relief to poor people who are unable to repay, crops are given relatively livelihood for unproductive lands. Generally, the borrowers make a lot of terms to give a loan to all the qualifications. Such was the most widely borrowed in assigned cases.

The asset land acquired under the terms of the Co-Operative Act is auctioned not to pay loans after two years. In a case of Chittoor district, the High Court ruled in 2008 that the Apex Co-Operative Act of 1964 and Cooperative Banks under Article 226 of the Constitution had the power to bid out the land if the assignees did not repay the loan. The High Court has ordered all landholders in the auction to acquire land in the revenue records.some adults 'loan-auction' mantra was imposed by this judgment. Chittoor, Anantapur, Kadapa, and Kurnool districts have been heavily subsidized. On the other hand, all Assigned lands are put on the banned list according to AP Registration Act -1908. Sub-registrars do not agree to the registration of those lands. Referring to the high court orders, many of these revenue officers who have purchased these lands are seeking resort to justice.

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