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Drains without high drainage ..

Adilabad, November 27, ( abundant rainfall, projects and ponds have been aquatic. As part of the mission of the Government Kakatiya Scheme, removal of pulses in the ponds, repairs and drainage They do not fill with water. But farmers are concerned that the lack of water in the crops grown in the underground. There are no canals in Adilabad district Unnaruu. Ganga, Geram, Cirigunda, Gudihatanur Mandalam Muttanur, Thusham, Sittagundi villages are not covered by ponds. The Bela Mandal consists of six ponds, including the Sunkas There is only dirt on the pond. No water was constructed for the ponds of Varur, Sangvi, Sakli, Pidgov and Kapsi villages. Vadoor, Kumari, Vanki, Purushottupur, Bajarhatnur in Naradigonda mandala Ponds are not available in Mandalam Bhattai, Jatrala, Kandli, Thalumadda Mandalam Lingi, Jhari, Barampur, Nandigama, Tangi Mandalam Thasi and Arali Jalkoti villages. Rabi crops up to 70% Sagayyuruu. The project, the ponds can not be repaired over the years, has become increasingly insane. That is why worrying about the end of the crops in the last sprout That. Two medium-sized projects in Adilabad district are Thangi Mandalam Mudivadu Project and Adilabad Mandalam Santhana Project. 14,000 acres under Santhana project While there is no need to repair the drains, irrigation is not done. The condition of the end of the water is the end. The muddy project is about eight to the right canal There is no condition for irrigation water to be constructed per kilometer. Inside the canal does not increase repairs. The right canal works today, though the project is about 12 years old Did not see the start. Even though the project is about 8,000 acres of water to be drained, the farmers have not been flooded with hundreds of acres.

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