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Gadwall, February 01 (
Krishnamma is collapsing in the district. Yes, Krishnamma is suffering from illegal fishing ponds in Jogalamba Gadwal district! The Danda Mafia became the successor of the cooperation of local leaders with the investments of the AP leaders. There are over 1000 illegal ponds in the district. The fish and shrimp worth Rs 200 crore from these ponds are being exported to other states annually. Over the last decade, this illegal pond business has been going on without breaking up! What's more surprising is that these ponds are banned in fungus, white fish and shrimp, along with a banished catfish. The fish ponds in the Kalleraru lake in Andhra Pradesh were destroyed by the government order.

                                                                        FISH MAFIA

More than a hundred families of fish under the Kalleraru lake have reached Krishnanadhi and Jural Project Coal Water Resources in Joglambha Gadwal district. The tanks of the fish were taken to the lease and the excavation of fish ponds started. Fishponds dug up to Rs 150 crore in the districts of Ittia, Dharur, and Gadwala in the district. The farmers in the name of farmers were taken to lease at Rs 30 per acre. There are allegations that some bunkers and ponds have been poured into the grounds of the local leaders. Increasing banished catfish. Catfish raising ponds have been repeatedly raided. The fungus is a white fish.Food for fish grown in ponds should be used for healthy feeding with the advice of fisheries. However, fish pond managers are cooked in fish and cooked in the fish. The doctors say that those who eat and eat fish are suffering from illness. Fisheries officer Madhusudan said that there is a risk of exposure to catfish and stomach diseases. In the absence of surveillance on waste usage, trolleys from chicken, mutton, and chickpea shops are being added to trolleys for fishing ponds.

More than 1,000 fish ponds have been sanctioned in 1200 acres on the banks of Krishna River. Directing the pipelines directly from the river and adding water to the power supply. Some of the zoos projects are filled with water from the right bridge. Farmers allege that irrigated areas do not have irrigated areas. The local authorities are using the power of ponds and the hut of electricity to the hut. A fisherman's pond is one acre of an acre. Bold leaders who invest heavily are exporting two or three times a year in fish and shrimp yields to Nellore. Foreign companies are taking shrimp from there. Fish like catfish and fungus are exported to Karnataka, AP, Telangana and some districts of Maharashtra.

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