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Hyderabad, Jan 17, (WAY2NEWSTV.IN):
Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej, heroine Rigi is loving. It was a campaign to get married. Take care of their wedding to family members. But Mega Pommi has come to the conclusion that this is not acceptable. At the same time you like it. Your life. What did you say and make a decision. The result is the back of the Sai Dharam Tez.

The mega elderly Sai Dharam Tez, the registries have been gossips in the past. Pilla is a lifeless boy who sings and lives. Regina's family member Subramanyam for Sale said. The two were together in the two films. Now love is born. At one stage two of the tours had to go to tours. Regina was the heroine in Tamil and later in Tamil and not in any of her words. On the other hand, Tez is the same way. The result is that there is a love between the two. Regency is definitely not enough to be loved by Sai Dharam Tejas.

 At home they are going to adhere to his name. But that's not all. Regina has now revealed the latest thing. Knowing that I was in love at the beginning of my career. I made some mistakes in the selection of movies at that time. I said that the time has passed since I find my mistakes. Now love and marriage did not go. I said the same in our house. I had to go for a few days. Now my selfish career is yours. Sai Dharam Tez is not telling the love story. Feeling to get him ... Regina is totally depressed with the lack of work. That's why the chances of movies are right or poor. After ten years of her career, Telugu and Tamil have not been able to win any success in the film.

 Regina is appearing in different getups. Stylistists worked hard for her getup. I know what a heroine does not seem to see this. Regina is dying to say that I'm first think. I do not say dialogues in the skin of love dora. That's already the fraud. No longer do I make mistakes. The film says that I believe it will give me the success I look forward to. Kajal and Nithya Menon are playing the movie. After 'A' in Telugu, Rezina has not yet accepted another film. On the other hand, we are doing two films in Tamil.

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