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It is not surprising that even the judges who want justice for all the citizens of the country, come forward with justice and seek justice. For the first time in the history of India, the four Supreme Court judges of the Supreme Court, Justice Jasti Chalameshwar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Madan B. Lokur, Justice Kurien Joseph, These four judges have publicly questioned the manner in which the Chief Justice of India is concerned about the worst trends in the Supreme Court.

Justice Chalameswar Rao, along with three other Supreme Court judges, have been summoned by the Supreme Court Chief Justice Dipak Mishra for failing to deal with irregularities in the allocation of case laws and the bench of junior judges that it is not seniority in the allotment of key, sensational and sensitive cases. Leading judges are concerned that such incidents are undesirable and not good for judiciary. On the other hand, the Center concluded that it can not interfere with the Supreme Court's internal affairs.

The Times of India focussed on the allocation of cases in the Supreme Court. The four judges allege that the four judges have been told about the most crucial, sensational and sensitive cases that have changed the history of the country over the past two decades, as the four judges allege that the judiciary's analysis of the evolution of justice in the country is justified. What is the shocking factor that the judges are worried about the way media has come up with a letter to the chief justice on the adverse effects of judiciary? These are the highest levels of courthouse, and it is the same for the citizens of the country. These four judges have criticized Justice Dipak Mishra and one of the two cases in which they publicly cited a large debate, saying that the Supreme Court's Chief Justice is the first of the Associate Justice, but not specifically unlimited powers, and that he has acted in the judiciary in the judicial custody of the judiciary.

 The judges expressed concern that judges' appointment to another bench had a strong impact on the appointment of the judge's judges by quoting the Supreme Court bench of the chief justice on the Coliseum system. The case of the chief executive of the Chief Executive of the Honorable Chief Justice of India, in the case of another case relating to medical entrance examinations, This evolution reminds the judiciary that if it is justified, whether it is right to criticize the country's mainstream publicly, even judges. When the rights and wrongdoings are ruled out, when the rights are over, the judiciary is the 'justice of justice' that can cause justice to be heard as a "law deity" Justice Deepak Mishra has been accused of corruption allegations only when he is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Though many of the judges expressed objections to his appointment, the central government did not take care of them.

If the first two systems make illegal decisions, then the judiciary should interfere with constitutional safeguards. Even if some Supreme Court judges are supporting the four, it seems that this topic will be more hot topic in the coming days. However, the "Bar Council of India", which is the mediator of the Supreme Court bench of the Supreme Court, does not even lip the lip. This made the effort to caution the judiciary's internal problem as soon as possible. Subramanian Swamy, who had previously gone to the banner with many sensational cases in the past, concluded that the four judges were wrong. The allegation that the main judicial discrimination in the allocation of the cases is unacceptable. In the eyes of the judges, when the cases were all the same, they were told how to separate the most important cases and the minor cases. It is not right to look at that view.

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