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Hyderabad, Jan 17, (
How would you give this investment even if the government's decision to provide free farming to farmers is good? The government has been struggling with the issue. The Cabinet Sub-Committee recommended that the opinion of the farmers in the field of field examination was sufficient to give in the form of checks. The final decision is taken by the Chief Minister to admit these recommendations. The government has decided to provide free investments of Rs 4,000 per acre to farmers from this kharif. Free investments in farmers' accounts are not likely to force them to pay for a loan again.

 In the case of crop indemnity, the amount paid as an infote subsidy to the farmers is also in the form of checks. These are the cases where the farmers are deposited in their accounts while the bankers are credited to their loans on their loans. Free investment is also not possible to pay the bankers under their loan installments or interest. The government will have to take the initiative of implementing any form of policy for a free investor. With the Zero Balance, all the riders will open a separate account like 'Jhan Dhan Yojana' and give free investment and feel that the government's intention is not to be fulfilled unless the bankers are not able to take them online.

There is still a problem for free investment. Landless crops are cultivated and cultivated in such a way as to harvest. The government will receive a free investor that will be paid to the graduates. Besides, the government's free investments are also available to the beneficiary, except for the farmers who are not farmers. This will not fulfill the Government's goal. It is not unlikely that a tenant will be paid to the farmer. After the TRS Government came to power, the debt relief was granted to the banks by paying Rs.16,000 crore every year to pay Rs one lakh each to the farmer's family. With the end of the loan waiver scheme, the farmers in another form have to pay Rs. 4,000 per year at Rs. 8 thousand rupees to pay approximately Rs. 5,000 crore will be spent. As many as 71 lakhs and 40,000 farmers have been estimated to be living in land after the land records were completed. In addition, they have identified 42 lakh acres of land with a total of 10 lakh acres of land, including rubles, hills, and climbers. Apart from this, Rs. 5.28 crores will be allocated for the free capital of 32 lakh acres. The government has been working on the expenditure to be allocated in this year's newly introduced agricultural budget. But the government will not be able to decide whether the government is willing to pay such a huge amount of money to the farmers.

 The ministerial sub-committee suggests that it is not enough to pay the checks in the form of the same. Rs. The government has taken several steps not to abuse the 16,000 crore. Such actions will also suggest that there is no possibility of irregularity if applied to free investment payments. It is not possible to pay as much free credit as a free loan. The farmers were able to collect the details of the loans taken from the banks and the government could directly pay the loan amount to the banks. Free investment is not the case. If the free investments in farmers' accounts are allowed, the bankers would be able to check the risk of depositing them under the old arrears, "the ministerial sub-committee said. But in fact the checkers will have to keep the farmers in their bank accounts.

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