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Loans to farmers: YS Jagan

Chittoor, January 5 ( YS jagan Mohan Reddy, Chittoor district, was on the 53rd day of public gathering. He started from Punganoor constituency in Kuravalli suburb. YS Jagan who arrived at Kanduri Cross through Gundlapalli, Kumbhambavarapalli unveiled a party flag here. He talked with the farmers on a walk in the Saddam mandal. The farmers are entitled directly to the dancers. Zero interest rate asked farmers whether they should be allowed. When our government comes out of the interest calculations is the cost. For all this, you need to plant harder to God. Because we are fighting the demons.
If we send children to school, we will get Rs 15 a year. People have called for a doctor and engineer from each house. Promised to raise the present 1,000 rupees pension. He walked from Kandur cross to Sadu, Bhattuvarpalli, Gadkavaripalli.

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