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The janmabhumi is attracting the whole world:Chandra Babu

The janmabhumi is attracting the whole world:Chandra Babu
15% growth should continue for the next 15 years
Every complaint should be addressed from the people
Our children should come to the leadership of the world. "
Chandra Babu in teleconference with collectors and public figures of the districts

Visakhapatnam January 5 ( Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that our janmabhumi is attracting the whole world. It is a matter of being proud of us all. The nodal officers from various places, including the district administration and district officials, have held teleconferencing from Visakhapatnam on Friday. The last three days were the janmabhumi and this spirit was to be shown in the next 7 days. 80% satisfaction should come to the public and direction to the authorities to achieve their optimism. 15% growth should continue for the next 15 years, and each department wants to increase efficiency and improve performance. "Every complaint should be addressed from the people. A complaint should not be pending. Chief Minister Chandrababu had ordered that all complaints should be handled in real time by 11th. We need more awareness among officials and employees. To identify complainants with the cooperation of administrative officers. As of January, 7,78,422 complaints have been pending and 3,77,863 complaints have been received within 3 days of this birth. The pensions should be uploaded at the earliest. Recall that 28,000 havishing, Civil Supply 22,000, pensions 11,380, 10,134 petitions for houseboards. " Chief Minister Chandrababu wanted to take care of our children. " Asking if you are participating in the janmabhumi, 56% is not 29% and 15% of the question asked if the authorized allies are involved in janmabhumi, 52% and 48% are answered. Diabetes Asked if the item is meaningful, it is 88% and 12% no. "There are 87% and 13% of the question of whether or not they have 68% and 32%," he said. Asked if there were 66% and 34% was not there. Chanderana was satisfied with 70% There were no 93% and 73 were asked if officials were involved. When asked by officials whether you were aware of it, 83% said 17% did not exist. Ai's reaction was better to ask that the 75% yes, 25% said that. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said that the solution of the complaints will be more speedy. This has been ordered to deal with every complaint made by the people. On the third day Visakhapatnam, Cherupally, Vissampetta, Peddapuram, Kadiyam, Yalamanchali, Movva, Pandurthi zones are in the top ten list Zones can also reach the level of the Chief teliparumigilina ayani, potibadalani called each other. Kakumana, Palikol, Ponnur, Madikonduru, Rajam, Enigutore, Pedana, Kasimota and Pamidi villages are in the Top Ten list. The remaining villages were also asked to succeed and the janmabhumi was successful. Planning, Real Time Governance, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Officers Sanjay Gupta, Ahmed Babu, Ramanjaneyas, Krishnamohan, Murali, collectors and representatives of various districts participated in the teleconference.

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