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LB nagar Metro till June: Minister KTR

Hyderabad, Jan 5 ( KTR said that during the record time, the water hards of the people of Hyderabad are being addressed. Earlier in the morning, he said that there was a gap between the Jalandanda office in Khairatabad. The water reservoir was opened in Saheb Nagar in LB Nagar on Friday. The meeting was attended by Minister Mahender Reddy, MP Malar Reddy and MLAs R. Krishna Reddy, Thangal Krishna Reddy, Mayor Bondu Rammohan and other officials. Minister KTR said, but now we provide 24 hours electricity to farmers. We are supplying water to the house. To meet the water in the metropolis, He said he was making arrangements for drinking water for 2,000 crore. In the case of good for the people, we are allocating funds for the development of the party. The Musi is also beautiful. ElBinagar is not a common floor. The first Amarudu Srikanthachari recalled that he committed suicide here. ElBinagar is a tangle of sacrifices. Exciting movements have taken place from this area. This cluster can not be forgotten by the CM KCR. Telangana is not a corrente. Industries run away. Kiran Kumar Reddy feared that nobody was going to invest. But during the three and a half years Telangana has grown so much. Telangana is the only state that gives 24 hours electricity to agriculture. Katie said that the LB Nagar Metro will be launched till June.
MP Malar Reddy said that the number one KCR in the country is in the country. The number one city in the country is Hyderabad. The number one state is Telangana. The reservoir is in the LB Nagar constituency with a total of 325 crores. Traffic havoc in LB Nagar said. Minister Mahendar Reddy said the government would go ahead with the aim of providing water to a house of 200 crore in Rangareddy district.

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