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Tamanna in The Hayland .. The Blast 2018 '

Hyderabad, December 22, ( organizers are in the mood of the remaining days of the New Year celebration. As part of this, the 2018 New Year celebration is being organized by Vijayawada City. As a part of the New Year Celebration, the organizers have planned a massive event as the Hayland Foundation in Vijayawada. The big event, titled 'The Blast 2018', is tailor-made for her performance in Tollywood's Milky Beauty. Organizers have begun promotions in social media that Tollywood young beauty Mehrine Kaur and Kaira Dutt are attending. This event has a huge response to the New Year celebration of the New Year celebrations, with three kisses on the same stage and a new year gift to the original. Burning star Anupar Ravi and Meghana are also present for this event. Burning star Amunthabh Babu will also be seen with Hayland cinejosh. 'The Blast 2018' is going to be the event of Hot Beauty Kairathat on Twitter and posted a poster of New Poster.

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