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no need to basha..Lotus...

Chennai, December 22, ( is coming to politics soon. This dialogue has been used for the past 20 years but no one knows "soon". But Rajinikanth is very active after Jayalalithaa's death and people believe that Modi's supporters believe that Rajani is going to start with the support of BJP in 2019 with BJP support. But the argument that BJP is now hoping for Siden is about to leave. Many analysts have made similar comments after the 2G judgment. The long-term desire of the BJP to strengthen in the south. After the death of Jaya, the BJP was stripped of the penny category and the magic figure MLAs in the resort of the resort to the Shakala jail bird that was waiting for the Chief Minister's feathers, and the BJP feels that the Tamils feel, then the power of the pannery to understand that Rajani was brought to the top of the BJP As soon as Rajinikanth does not say that the BJP is in the grass. But Rajinikal is doing all he can to avoid making any decision. Then there is the doubts that the BJP will rethink the Rajani issue. Now the DMK leaders are exempted from the case and the verdict is justified on the day of the election. Many common people, analysts, some politicians and DMK have started to analyze the BJP. This suspicion has come to light that the BJP has been trying for a long time to meet Modi with the DMK leaders few days back and to strengthen the South. BJP leaders who participated in TV discussions also said that DMK did not condemn the BJP's alliance with speculation and said that there are permanent enemies and friends in politics. All of these are analyzed to see that if BJP is to go with the DMK, it will take light on Rajani. If the BJP does not support the same, Rajani will come into politics? Will Rajini take the courage against the ruling party? Does his health contribute to stress at this age? Or do you think that politics will not suit his psyche and will continue to be a superstar in films? These questions are now available to all South Indians, not Tamil. But if the BJP is allied with the DMK, it is possible to conclude that the lot of "paneer" on the protagonist is over and the BJP hopes on the "Shivaji".

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