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Pavan Kalyan, who is moving forward with a strong strategy....

Hyderabad December 6, ( Party chief Power Star Pavan Kalyan is getting stronger with a strong strategy. Political observers say he has chosen key centers in both the states. One of the statements released by his recent release is that the BP is a key issue for the Chief Ministers of Telugu Desam. The statement released by Pavan has been a direct response to issues and has been directly discussed in many aspects of the performance of the two CMs. In the Telugu states, students are suicidal, even if the government has committed suicide. Leaders of the chief ministers are in charge of implementing the guarantees given in the election. Pavan Kalyan, Jason's leader, Power Star Pavan Kalyan has announced that he is coming forward tomorrow as part of a tour of both Telugu states. Pavan Kalyan has said that he has decided to travel in three phases in two Telugu states. In the first phase of the touring issues, the study will have to be aware of the government's role if it is not with the government's resolve to solve the problems in the second phase of the trip ... Even if the problem is not resolved, the third round will make the trip a fight venue ... Pavan's plan is going forward said. Earlier, Pavan said that young people who were initially admired at the Vizianagaram Osmania Universities were considering the fate of their families in the boat accident in Venkatesh Murali Krishna river. Pavan said, "It is the aim of ensuring that the youngsters are in the same manner. Pavan, who is currently in the Telugu language, said in his statement that youth in two Telugu states are in frustration. Youth disappointments are not safe for the country. The students of Basitha IIT Osmania students and students of Fatima medical college in Kadapa expressed deep regret over the problem. Pavan's expansion is evident that he has made the agenda to show that the janasana is trying to solve the problem.
Pavan said that Venkatesh Murali's suicide is proof of the unfortunate consequences if the political parties in the youth are not raising and implementing them. Pavan said the governments were responsible for the lack of frustration in youth. Asserting that the execution of the guarantees is a function of governments ... governments do not want to avoid their responsibility. We are doing this for the youth to be in despair. Do not grieve your parents with valuable lives. Fight.By saying that I will be with you along with me, "Pavan said. Pavan said he would increase the strength of the two moons on the two states.

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