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KCR's court case: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad, December 11, ( party leader Revanth Reddy criticized the TRS for answering the questions asked. Speaking to the media on Monday, he said, "Even if you protect your duties in the government, nobody can save the court. He would answer later on his resignation and demanded KCR answer before his demand. Any politician should transparently explain the allegations against family members and relatives. He said that the promises given to the tribals before the election were the CM KCR in Tunga. In the past, KCR said that he would punish anybody who was involved in irregularities in the administration. Katie Mamma Pakhala Harinath Rao criticized him for having a fraudulent Forest job with a false certificate of ST. They demanded action against Harinad Rao, who fraudulated tribals and enjoyed luxurious life. Addressing CM KCR, chief secretariat and Forest officials, Ravant said, "The letter will be written by Congress ST Cells in writing to take action against Harinad Rao. Asked whether his uncle's cheating minister Ketiar was missing. He warned that if the government did not get justice, the court would be consulted.

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