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Communist Party in Nepal...

New Delhi, December 11, ( Prime Minister of the Republic of Nepal, Kepe Oli, will once again take charge as prime minister. Elections were held in two phases on November 26 and December 7. The Communist Party of Nepal, the UML and the Maoist Alliance have been successful in this election. The Nepali Congress Party, which is in power, is only 13 seats. With this, Oli will be the Prime Minister. O'Leigh was supported by China during his tenure as prime minister. During the election, he has been promoting rail network network from China to Nepal, setting up hydro power plants, airports, infrastructure and jobs. Now it is possible to take the Prime Minister as well as the possibility of fulfilling these guarantees that Nepal will be able to close to China. There are ties between Bhartabad and Nepal for thousands of years. There are different countries. Nepalis were freely moving in India due to friendship between the two countries. But the situation has changed, as China feels it wants to turn the strategic strategically key Nepal to India. Since 1996, the dragon intervention in the Himalayan state has increased. The country gradually left India. The Nepalese Maoist party cooperated with it. China's involvement in the creation and demolition of democratic governments. Olie has also fired against India in the past for getting dragon appreciation. Commodity transportation from India to Nepal is based on trade and trade agreement of 1949. Oly broke this agreement. He signed an agreement to import petroleum products from China. A civil war broke out in 2006, killing over 17,000 people. Two years later he sang a climax to the monarchy. After that the Himalayan nation turned to democracy. The new Constitution came into force in 2015. No government could continue to rule for a full time period. But now there is the possibility of a full-time government in power with a huge majority of the Left Front.

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