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Excellent `MAA` Curtain Raiser Function!

Hyderabad, December 11, ( new Jubilee Silver Jubilee celebrations were planned by Shivaji Raja chaired by the 'Maa Movie Artist Association'. The curtain raiser was launched in Hyderabad Hyderabad Hayat Hotel on Sunday with the super star Krishna and Vijay Nirmala and Krishna Raja. Earlier senior actresses Jamuna, Sarada, Japa Prada, Jayasudha hands were done by Jyoti Prasad. Music director Kotti and team musical Night ... brought a new fashion to the celebration with the fashion show. Senior actresses such as Rosa Ramani, Jayasudha, Pratibha Thalaassani, Sharada and Jayaprada have been honored with this event. Apart from Telangana Minister Tharasani Srinivasayadev, Telangana FDC chairman RMMohan Rao, AP FDC Chairman Ambika Krishna has been honored with a great deal.

Superstar Krishna said, "We are very happy to complete our 25 years. We want to build our own building since our establishment ... but it is not possible. It is a great thing for the newly formed committee to build its own building. And it is very happy to arrange Olds Hour, who is also an elderly pedestrian artist. My congratulations to the new executive. Vijay Stardom said, "My turn to help keep us coming every year. I donated 5 lakh rupees once. I am very satisfied with how much of my age is my age and how much to give it to me.

Krishnam Raju said, "It is very happy to meet family members today. "Our 'Silver Jubilee is not just a celebration..Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee celebrations. A committee under the chairmanship of Shivaji Raja is actively working. They should do more good things like this. " Murali Mohan said, `` Today, our 25th anniversary celebrations are very rare. The son is not born, but the son grew up ... the happier when the beneficiary is separated. Today, we have the same position. I'm feeling proud of that. Shivaji Raja and Naresh have already done good programs. We have to do more programs and take our 'forward'. "Shivaji and Team are doing good service programs. They appreciate it. Artists' energy is once again known today.
Telangana state cinematography minister Tharassani Srinivasa Yadav said, `Our day 'day established in 1993 is good today. There is no regional culmination of art. Everything here proves to be the only one. `Our` is going forward with good work. The Telangana state government also provides support for them. We will get the space from the government for the construction of the 'Our' Sodhi Building ... Goode Hogm. They do not have political words. Similarly, a large amount of Major Treatment for poor artists will also come from CM Relief Fund. If you want any help, you can contact me immediately. There are some people already in Chitapuri colony. Some people have to come. The government is taking action as they come. It's good to go along with the film journalists as well. Similarly, we are already issuing Jivas for easy access to the movie shooting. The government is making online ticketing available ... that is the use of Shivaji Raja and Naresh to be useful to all .. If you do not have any work done. Already they have done a lot of activities for `Ma`. More good is going on in the planning. I am happy to be part of this function, "he said.

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