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180 people on a single bus ...

Adilabad, December 14, ( is a bus stop for the students of the ideal school in Bhattalapalem Shivam, within the range of dangers. The ideal school was constructed at 3 km from Narkatpalli road to a non-stationed mirror between the paletta paletta and ratlava tandas in the Mandala center. Students and teachers have not shown the way to go. In the past, their parents took care of the problems of academic problems and ordered them to run the bus to the Mirulugudu depot man. RTC bus service started. But there are more than 180 academic passengers on the same bus. There are 180 students and teachers who go to Models College. Many of these villages have to reach the grazing areas from tribal tanks. The RTC bus comes there. The bus is filled with students in the Dangerous Stage. Students in Rajagatta, Battalapalem and Rawalpalangal are forced to board a bus to reach. Everyday, 180 people have expressed their desire to travel to the same bus everyday. Students, parents of their parents and student unions want to drive an additional bus. The number of students passing to the ideal school in the city of New Palm is the reason for their number of buses. Without the space inside the bus, the bus is hitting the bus and traveling on a dangerous journey. Mudala Krishna Raju, convener of the ABP Mandal Division, demanded an immediate additional bus, taking into account the concerns of the students of the Mudras Depot Manager. He is accompanied by Kokkanivarni Divakalpalli Venkatesh, Vikas Reddy, Shivaram, Uday, Pawan and others.

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