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The first stage of PSLV-40 is completed

Nellore, December 14, ( Potti Sriramulu started the process of linking the first phase motors to the PSLV C-40 on the first launch of Satish Dhawan Space Center (SHAR) in Sulururuppu Nellore District. In fact, if the PSLV CE-40 was to be launched in December, the delay in connecting the rockets did not reach Sharif. Scientists are ready to send 30 satellites through the rocket launch in January 2018. This is the first experiment four months after the PSLV CE-39 experiment failed on August 31 this year. They are taking care not to make any mistake in this background. A satellites in the Kartosat-2 series and 29 satellite abroad will be introduced into orbit for domestic purposes through the PSLV SE-40 rocket. There are 25 small-scale satellites, three small satellite satellites and a university satellite, according to ISRO official sources.

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