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See how Anushka has changed ...

hyderabad, November 29, ( star heroine Anushka made her body weight for the film 'Size Zero'. Anushka did not get as much as possible. After that she tried to lose weight, but she did not. Finally the directors like Rajamouli showed her with the help of graphics. However, it is not surprising that the photo of Anushka's share is shocked. This beauty is not known as Slim but it looks pretty slim in her shared photo. Posting this photo in her Face Book account .. 'Magic is not a dream come true. Work for it, must work hard, "wrote a line. This means that Anushka has become a slim. Others say that this photo is not yet. Her post is also something to think about. Do not really sell a slim Or is it saying that the range should be difficult? It is good to give Anushka clarity. Sweety fans are happy to see this photo. This pick is viral because the fan is immersed in celebrating her sweetheart in this photo.

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