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Keep the center of flight tickets....

Mumbai, November 29, ( who book a flight ticket can cancel it if they cancel it again. Ticket prices are deteriorating than ticket prices. However, the Center has initiated efforts to reduce them soon. This is a good thing for the passengers of air travel. The tariff cancellation charges on passengers are high and they are expected to be reduced. It is possible to discuss with airlines. In some cases the tariff is higher than the ticket price. We feel 3,000 more. In most cases the tariff halting charges are higher. The flight ticket price per hour under UADAN scheme is Rs. It is 2500. Civil Aviation Minister Jayantinha commented that it would be good if the ticket price would be reduced and the airline would soon be advised to review these charges. If the airline agrees, it will be possible to reduce the ticket cancellation charges. A travel agent commented that a few hours before the travel ticket would be higher prices. Travelers in domestic flights were not available for 15 kg of luggage Excess charges will be charged Rs. In view of these, passengers are creating a Bill of Rights, Sinha said. This will benefit the flight passengers. He said the number of air passengers in the country has doubled over the past three years and that no other country in the world has achieved such progress. First-time passengers should know about their rights and regulations ... this is the creation of PBR for this, Jayant Sinha said.

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