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Full Happy with the arrival of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, November 28, ( Minister Narendra Modi said he was delighted to come to Hyderabad. He came to Hyderabad and met with Telangana BJP leaders at Begumpet Airport. Modi was astonished by his speech in Telugu. It is very happy to come to Hyderabad. This is an amazing city. He enjoys the Hyderabad State in India and is being voted out of this warrior. In a meeting organized by BJP activists in Narendra Modi Begumpeta, a speech in Telugu was created by Sensation. Brother, sister, you are all my heartfelt blessings to the Prime Minister's speech. "I am very happy to come to Hyderabad. Hyderabad I mean Sadhar Vallabhbhai Patel. I am planning this from the warrior to Sardar Patel, who joined Hyderabad in India. " He told the locals who were hiding in Telangana ransom. Hyderabad is a fantastic city. He congratulated the four crore Telangana people. Now the whole world is looking towards Hyderabad. The guests are coming from overseas to participate in the prestigious international convention. Participation in such a program is his best. He thanked the Telangana leaders of the BJP and the BJP workers in Hyderabad. The BJP now says it is due to BJP activists. Telangana is a newly formed state and it is still going to grow. He assured that the Government of India will cooperate with the Telangana government and promote Telangana. Modi congratulated his efforts to merge the Hyderabad State to India. His speech also ended in Telugu ... Thank you all. Subsequently, he arrived at the Metropolitan Metropolitan Station in the Special Helicopter. There started the pilot of the pilot.

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