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Eclipse for coffee expansion

Vizag, November 23, ( Mani is the name of the coffee tree. That's the best thing for a cup of coffee. Quality and taste is recognized internationally. The answer to the question is whether the expansion of coffee cultivation will be ecstatic. Ananthagiri, Sankarameeta, Gulfkada Reserve Forest area of ​​the Vicis Agency is being cultivated. During the 19th century, then the British rulers started cultivating coffee in the arid agency. Then coffee continues to grow. The newly established co-operative corporation coffee board has been formed with the growing popularity of Visakha Araku Coffee. The main purpose of this board is to encourage tribal areas to grow at least 2 million coffee gardens. With the expenditure of Rs 366 crores for the expansion of the coffee scheme, it has been delayed due to the delay in funding ... Continuity has become questionable. In the absence of any other situation, the state government has handed over the old scheme to the employment guarantee scheme. There have been many irregularities in the coffee project that had been implemented by the UMNO promotion scheme and promotional payments were stalled. Farmers do not come forward for coffee cultivation. Coffee cultivation has increased in 1.52 lakh acres across the country. There are 8 to 10,000 tonnes of coffee yields annually. Chief Minister Chandrababu has decided to extend the coffee cultivation in lakhs of acres in the next 10 years. The proposals are expected to cost Rs 526 crore for coffee expansion in acreage acre. The Central Coffee Board has issued a government order of Rs 162 crore and tribal sub-funding of Rs 364 crore. The plan is to be implemented from 2016-17 as the government has decided. The state government did not release the sub-plan. In this situation, the coffee project is linked to the employment guarantee scheme. Local coffee farmers have complained that promotional payments are delayed as long as the Masters registration and billing processes are likely to be avoided due to coffee payment through the scheme. If the government does not focus on the coffee crop cultivation and the employment guarantee scheme, then the expansion will be set aside.

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