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Nellore RTA officers sleeping in anesthetics

Nellore, November 23, ( Navadhandhra ... CM Chandrababu had to come up with the information on the functions of every department at the CE Dash board with high tech technology. However, Nellore transport officials have not forgotten the past of the common Congress government. Botsa Satyanarayana, the transport minister and the well-known open disco ... In Nellore District Transport Office, officers and staff are more likely to pay attention to the illegal collections. They do not know who our chief minister and their minister are. At the Transport Office in Nellore, the senior officers and staff are in the Navadhandhra CM Kiran Kumar Reddy, the Minister of Botswanaanarayan and the government are in the government. Direct evidence is the poster in the issuance of driving licenses in the office. It is difficult to be posters of Chief Minister and Transport Minister of Andhra Pradesh in the Transport Department. The people who went for driving licenses at the Transport Office were shocked by the former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and former Minister Botsa Satyanarayana posters. People are asking that the transport officers, who can not be amenable to their office, will be able to do more. The transcript department officials claiming that the license was issued and the registrations in the vehicles were not yet aware of who they are in government ... they are outraged at the office. Chandrababu Naidu has been serving as the chief minister for four years ... the information about government progress in offices and the information of the ministers of such departments will be familiar. But the information available at Nellore Transport Office will mirror the neglect of the officers.

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