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Kurnool steps towards smart

Kurnool, November 23, ( Bharat, Swadeshi Andhra Pradesh .. Swarna Kurnool .. This slogan was beautifully molded by the Municipal authorities of Kurnool. With the help of the people ... beautiful wall painting in the main squares to make the city more attractive.
Kurnool city ... 52 wards .. 6 lakhs population ... is emerging as a developing town. The district comprises 54 mandal sides. Every day the district center is going for a lot of work. 10 thousand people daily go to the city. At the same time there are famous temples and tourist centers in the district. The district headquarters is also home to most tourist destinations and famous temples. The Kurnool Municipal authorities have made a fresh impression on the people and the tourists. The main squares of the city are dirti in the past with the film posters of the Raj Vihar Center, the new Bastand, Casey Canal Bridge, the Municipal Office Road and Bellary Chaura. The municipal officials framed beautiful images on the wall with the help of the people. The city has a beautiful wall painting on the sides of the main squares and has been brought to the city. The authorities are working hard to develop the city as a smart city. In the past, the walls were blind to the movie posters. Municipal Commissioner Harunath Reddy said Kurnool was selected as CityNamesmart City in the districts of the state. With the help of the people, the city is more beautiful

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