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Mancherial, May 2, (
Sun .. is intensifying day by day. Dos is growing for an hour. Since the morning of 8 am, the crowd is being battered by the temperatures. Waking up Temperatures are rising since 10 AM. The afternoon, however, is the heat of the fire. It's too late to 9 o'clock in the morning and it's hot and warming hot spots. As a result, people are scared to come out. People don't come outside without umbrellas and scarfs. People walk on the two-way coming from the tar, but on the two-wheel drive, the people are saying that the legs are surreal. The small shopkeepers along the road are characterized by the difficulty. Umbrellas are doing business. This is the situation for a week. Sunday's temperature dropped somewhat on Monday and Tuesday. The temperatures exceeded 44 degrees. In the coming days, the situation is worse than the situation is worse.


People are being exposed to temperatures. Fans, coolers and ACs are staying at home. Their condition is worse. They are all that they are trying to avoid warmth. Where shadow is there for some time there is going to be a journey. Cold drinks and coconuts are served to heat the heat. As a result of the bunch of bunches, the business is going well for the coconuts and soft drinks marketers. But they are tired of warmth. The doctors have made clear that people need to take care of the heat in the atmosphere. Drinking water, coconut water and buttermilk are advised. It is said that urgent needs come out. It is said to give priority to work in the morning or in the evening.

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