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New Delhi, May 8, (
The Center has taken a sensational decision to end terrorism in Kashmir. National Homeland Security Guards (Black Cat Commandos) have been approved by the Union Home Ministry for the purpose of intimidation in Kashmir. Specially trained commandos are being deployed in the border to terrorize the terrorists. The Black Cat commandos will also be used for security in Srinagar. Union Home Secretary Rajiv Guba has issued directions to this. In this regard, Jammu and Kashmir DGP SP Vedu and the Directorate General of National Security Guards Sudip Lakhatakia issued a written order. 


The NSG has asked for training in counter-terrorism activities in areas where the Jammu and Kashmir Police and CRPF forces are in areas where the population is high. The NSG chief, who sent a special team of senior officers to meet Jammu and Kashmir DGP, learned about the need for a terrorist fight. The Black Cat commandos operated in the most troubled areas will have the ability to encounter enemies at any given moment. The decision was taken to intensify the revolt from Kashmir. At present, there are ten thousand guards in the NSG division. They are the ones who make lightning. They are used for security of the Prime Minister, President, and Chief Minister.

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