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Vijayawada, New Delhi, April 18, (
In the five parliamentary constituencies, the YCP is preparing for the by-election. TDP has come to mind. If the MPs resignations are accepted, the by-election will be inevitable. There is a lot of debate on what to do if the by-elections are coming up. Should I contest by by-election? To stay away Chief Minister Chandrababu has also discussed the issue with senior leaders. A leader from Srikakulam came to the contest. He said that the decision was unanimous and that he was left behind because of the special status sentiments. The by-election tension to TDP. The MPs have said they will accept their resignations and go for public opinion. If necessary, the speaker is ready to resign together. The President also explained these things together. This makes sense that MPs resigns are acceptable. Experts say that if the later is to accept the resignation of the speaker, she must be accepted as her. Chandrababu discussed the by-election with senior leaders. All the five MPs will have a by-election for the Speaker's resignation. 


Kadapa, Rajampetta, Tirupati, Nellore, and Ongole are constituencies going to polls. If there is a by-election in these five parliamentary seats, there will be an effect on 35 assembly constituencies. This is a big problem for the Telugu Desam Party. Depending on the sentiment, if you lose back to the competition, it will not be able to show its impact on the 35 constituencies. But if the defeat is due to the sentiment, the party will face a disgrace before the general election. TDP has the strongest candidates in the remaining four seats except one of the five parliamentary seats. There is no doubt in it. It is also a matter of being in power. However, TDP leaders are in the internal dialogues that this strategy cannot be written in the election campaign. It is difficult to implement Nandhyala Plan in nearly 35 Assembly segments. In this case, if the by-election is inevitable.

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