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Vijayawada, April 18, (
TDP strategy works for the fight against the central government. Tamil Nadu and Telangana states are missing in the state of Andhra Pradesh finance ministers and officials in Thiruvanathapuram in the wake of the loss of the southern states due to the policies being followed by the Center. The rest of the four states have churned out on several chains. While the Finance Ministers of Southern states are meeting in Thiruvananthapuram recently, the second will be held at Vijayawada.


 This time, however, all non-BJP states in the country have been brought to the same stage and intended to intensify the fight. The responsibility was given to the state finance department. The state finance department officials have been busy working on inviting other states. This time, they are also invited by economic experts to participate. Once again, it was decided that the church should not be confronted with a deep church. Finally, Vijayawada had to change the stage, even though this was not going to be held in Visakhapatnam. New Delhi, Punjab, West Bengal, Odisha and Mizoram also decided to invite these states. All the steps were taken to recognize the states that are not allied with the BJP in the country and invite them to the meeting. Smaller financial experts in the area of ​​Thiruvananthapuram have discussed the deepest issues. Along with the finance ministers of the meeting, the famous financial expert Govindarao has identified the names of several others. However, a few of them have not been able to attend the meeting and decided to hold a meeting in the month of May or early May. It is reported that almost all BJP governments have been told about this. They also explained that the State Planning Commission is also preparing an agenda for expert suggestions.

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