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Mahabubabad,March 6,(
The Walta Act, which the Government of India has brought to the ecosystem, does not work effectively in the district. The authorities are doing nothing to ignore it. Trees were cut down, sand and bore grounds.Every year thousands of trees have been cooked in the kitchen, but they are changing home utility furniture.The money given to villagers swallows greenery in the village.Heavy trees are sold out in the hope of money.Ignoring the good wind, shade, and coolness of the trees.Today, businessmen regularly sell their villages and hunters and sell their sums of money on the size of the trees.Accusations have been made that the officers who are prone to deal with their eyes are tied up.While some officers are negligent ... some of them are not kidding.


According to the Walta Act, the owner does not have the right to cut their own trees in their own lands.In the desirable situation, the Revenue and Forest Authority must obtain the approval.The Walta Act suggests planting the tree immediately after cutting the trees.In the field of boars, boar to boar should be a minimum distance of 200 feeds.But that does not happen.Digging the boar at their own purpose.Normally the summer is the cutting down of trees and boredom excavations.The reason is that summer is considered as the ideal time for cutting trees on the boulders in agricultural fields.It is also time for boring excavations.

Lorries and tractors carrying loads of sticks at the Dantalpalli Mandal centers in the joint Narsinhulapeta Mandalam.Stickers are making crosses for them.Once the trees are cut down, they are cut into sizes and moved to Warangal and Suryapet towns.For the construction of the house, the cooking is being sold to poorly micills.Today, the doors and the windows are used by the stick.Alternative to the stick Failure to do is a major factor.

According to the Walta Act, boar to boar there must be a minimum distance of 200 feet.Today the people forgot this one.In the towns, however, the land is transformed into gravel.Illegal sand traffic is going on.The relevant authorities didn't take the action.Tens of thousands of sand tractors from Palaru vagolla to the Dantalpalli of Kattukkotta mills are coming in from the petrol pump.The sand tunnel moves first if the tractor owners confirm that they are at different points on the bike.The sand is dumped in the suburbs of Lakshmipuram, Ramavaram, Nedanapuram, Vemuppalli, Majorampara, Rayapani Agappa.Neighbors are still accusing them of being able to take action by the relevant officials.

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