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Mahabubnagar, March 8 (
The farmers  are  riddled with unpopular prices of dry chillies. Last year, the farmers in favor of price rise were opting for mirchi crops. Prices dropped when the palm was handed. Farmers can not sell one side and do not hide on the other side. Having saved the cultivated chilli to the eye, he is struggling to hide the harvested crop. Farmers have a queue for cold wastes to store mirchi in cold soils. The AC godowns were filled with Mirchi smell. Farmers are guarding the godowns as the organizers give information that the poles are not empty. Last year, Mirchi sold 12 rupees a quintal. Farmers keeping this in mind were hoping for the same year. The price of Rs 8 to 9 thousand comes before the harvest of the crops. The price of the crop is falling sharply. This year's chilli excellence 1800 acres in the undavelli mandals, 1500 acres in Gadwala, Dharoor 1400, gattu 1800 , Maldakal 3500, Ketidoddi 1200, aija 2200, Alampur 2600, manavapadu 3600, Itikyala 2675 and Waddepalli 4200 acres. Step by step collected chilli prices have become red colts. . Unsuccessfully made the attempt to hide, without the help of the farmer. The Alampur taluk has five AC nests. Farmers arrive to the godowns with tractors with a mirror to accommodate the goddesses. Most farmers have come under the control of the tractors. The farmer has been locked up for two to three days to cover the ladders. Farmers are in a waiting period until the time comes. The troops also do not look  at the chisel. The state does not look at the conditions of censorship. We have to wait for the successor of the chilli farmers.


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