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Nellore, March 8, (
The first crop in some parts of the district, water was not reached to that area. Farmers are concentrating on the second crop before the first harvest cuts in Panna delta. Screws started in some areas. Kovur, Bucchireddy palm, Sangam and Kodavallur Mandalas are the first crop cutting stage. The farmers in the area are planning to have a second harvest in this phase. In this order, last year, the IAB Meeting concluded that the 1.75 lakhs acres under the Delta and 25 thousand acres of water under the canal. However, farmers are cultivating 2 lakhs 70,000 acres. There are no conditions to provide water to the farmers in this order. The severe drought is in the district. The rainfall was 69 percent more than normal rainfall. 


The authorities' efforts to provide water in a weekly manner are not in vain. The irrigation of motor vehicles and illegal water evacuation has become polygamy of farmers. The farmers have to deal with the water hardship without knowing the fact that crops are being cultivated. In addition, there is no level of lasers to supervise the canal. The local politicians are getting their favorite water. Many times the review meetings were held on the use of electric currents, but the farmers did not benefit. Many people have been convinced that some penna delta farmer’s focus on the second crops before the first crop was handed down. In the summer season, water and drinking water are expected to face serious difficulties. Currently, there is only 17.715 tmc water available in the Somasila. Irrigation experts believe that after a month the irrigation needs are only going to dead storage. If rains do not fall, the district residents will have trouble getting drinking water in the summer. There is a need for mobility in the farmers to overcome the water problem faced by the farmers across the district.

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