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Hyderabad, March 16, (
Kajal as glamour doll. Kajal will show how it should be shown. It is not against the beauty exposing. The glamour show in the film depending on the story demand. That's why I was able to stay in the industry. Bulli Fran has made .... Even if you have a skirt on the sari ... That is why Kajal is always a nice glamour doll. Young hero or any of the senior heroes, Kajal will be doing his role in the film. However, his first film, Lakshmi Kalyanam, starred opposite innocent girl Mahalakshmi with Kalyan Ram in half saree. 


Since then, Kalyan Ram has not appeared opposite. But again Kalyan Ram is playing the role of MLA in the movie. Kajal glamor Show looks like the boundaries of the film. MLA Posters clearly understands that the romance of Kalyan Ram in this movie is going to be in a range of romance. Kajal Glamour is going to be a part of the film. MLA's posters in Kajal looking at the beauty of the beauty  of the beauty of the way. If Kajal's beauty is going on in this range, this time Kalyan ram kajal with the hit . Kajal and Kalyan Ram's MLA are coming to the audience on this month 23rd.

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