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New Delhi,March 5,(
Expected was Happened.BJP has given Jhilak the Congress party in Meghalaya.Though Meghalaya has emerged as the largest party in the Assembly polls, the party is far from the party's authority.What has happened in Goa is recurrent in the northeastern state.Meghalaya Governor has invited NPP leader Konar K Sangma to come forward to form the government.On March 6, Konrad Sangma will be sworn in as Chief Minister.The NPP got 19 seats and the BJP won two seats.Of the 22 Assembly seats in the Congress account, the NPP alliance has 22 seats.UDP, which won six seats, also supported the NPP.The Governor invited Konrad Sangma to set up the government.The NPP coalition has 29 MLAs.But Sangma said that he was supporting 34 MLAs.Even though the NPP was part of the NDA, Meghalaya was contesting separately in the elections.In view of the consequences in Goa, the Congress leadership hoped that such a situation would prevail in Meghalaya.


As the results emerge, Shillong sent Ahmed Patel and Kamalnath for alliance negotiations.But once again, the party has no break.Even though the letter was submitted to the governor to the Congress by nominating Mukul Sangma as the CEP leader, the BJP's persistence in the BJP's persuasiveness was that the party had not come to power.Meghalaya CEO Konrad Sangma will take charge.Konrad, the head of the National People's Party, is currently the Tura constituency MP.He is the son of PA Sangma, elected as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for the first time from the Northeast.PA Sangma was elected to the Lok Sabha nine times from Tura constituency.He is the son of Konrad Sangma.Konrad attended the University of London, Pennsylvania Universities.In 2008, he was elected as an MLA from NCP.Instead of taking up the finance department, the state budget was introduced within ten days.From 2009 to 2013, the opposition was the leader of the assembly.After his father's death in 2016, he was elected MP from Tura.He has 4 colleges in Meghalaya rural areas through the PA Sangma Foundation.Environment and education. Meghalaya Cricket Association president.PA Sangma has a long political experience, has been in the Congress for many years...But out of that party, NCP was one of the founders.The NCP has ordered PA Sangma to withdraw from the 2012 presidential election. But he did not care. NPP was formed in this background.

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