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March 5,(
There is a need to think about elections in the Lok Sabha and Assembly simultaneously.Instead of carrying out the Lok Sabha elections to be held in May 2019, the BJP leadership should think that it is better to take the elections to some states and take up with the Lok Sabha elections in May 2019.In recent times there is a lot of news that the country will have a preliminary election in the country.Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier canceled the Lok Sabha and rumored that elections would be held in December this year.The elections to Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are to be held in the year.Since Modi has long wanted the Lok Sabha polls to be held simultaneously, the polls are likely to be held by the elections in these three states.Some magazines have put forward one step further and say that elections will be held in another hundred days.They say that elections will be held in May this year.Rajesh Jain, a technology expert who has served as Modi's ambassador for the 2014 elections, In the recent past, he has written a column in the magazine that the BJP-led alliance has been steadily declining.To prove his strength again, he wrote that there was no way for Modi to go to early elections.


The BJP leaders are also refusing to suggest that Modi and BJP president Amit Shah are willing to go to early elections and not how much they will go to the polls.Normally, elections are due in May 2019.They are reminded that Modi's speech in recent budget meetings is like an election campaign.Without Modi's upcoming elections until next year, there is no benefit from the public prejudice.The BJP's top leaders are also aware of the growing opposition to the government.The problem of unemployment is steadily rising.People in the rural areas also suffer from the difficulties of the towns.On the other hand, oil prices are rising and the prices of essential commodities.This year, it is not possible to get rains.All of these factors can happen suddenly and make shocking people and opposition to a decision.Modi is very fond of making abrupt decisions by making the surprise of the other.

If suddenly announce early elections, the Opposition will not have time to gather.Narendra Modi government is facing severe opposition to the rural economy, especially small farmers.The rural economy is in a crisis.The economy of the country is moving forward slowly.Private investment does not grow.The government has been providing financial assistance to banks.It is trying to finance banks that are banking with no arbitrage.On the other hand, the National Health Insurance Scheme has been undertaken.But, the government has to do it again to turn the voters to his side.The Lok Sabha members of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) did not notice.The BJP's government with allies has also boosted the BJP's opposition.In particular, Shiv Sena and Telugu Desam parties did not respond properly to Narendra Modi or Amit Shah but did not respond properly to the fire.The satisfaction of the center by one of the promises made during the partition of the state of Telangana state in Andhra Pradesh will effectively affect the politics of the country.The BJP, which announced in the Parliament that it would be giving special khonda for Andhra Pradesh, was not in the same way as a separate package.The middle-class worries and worries that the Modi government is four years old.

The Modi government, which promises to increase the Income Tax limit to Rs.5 lakh, comes from the middle of the criticism that there has been no big increase in income tax increases.Rajesh Jain has commented that the Modi government is still likely to get worse.This situation should also be understood by the government.The Gujarat elections did not get as much as expected.Rajasthan, which is in power, has not won a single seat in the by-elections.The government does not travel on Plain Road.It's like tipping.In fact, the early elections are also very adventurous.There are some risks involved in this.In October 1999, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was elected as the third Prime Minister.The next elections were scheduled for October 2004.However, in December 2003, the BJP wins in the elections to Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh.With the BJP's overwhelming confidence in these victories, elections were held in April-May2004.But it was badly defeated in the election.It is not known whether Modi will make Vajpayee a mistake.As it is in power, each day may have some appeal to voters.

In the absence of power, it is only the distance to the voters. Hence, the early elections would be a failure. He would have to go to the early elections when he feels that he is in the power of the country and that he does not wander to his own. That's why the confidence can now be seen in the BJP. In July 2002, Modi was the chief minister of the Gujarat Legislative Council. In December of that year, elections were held. Pre-polls were announced by the BJP to believe that voter reunification would be done with the destruction of Godhra. There is nothing to boost such confidence in the BJP at the national level. In the case of surgical attacks on Pakistan in 2016, there was such confidence in the BJP. The confidence in the BJP will not reach the level unless it is now taking such action. So the BJP leadership will have to think twice before going to the early elections. Instead of bringing the Lok Sabha polls to be held in May 2019, the BJP leadership should think that it is better to take the elections to some states and take up the elections in May 2019. The BJP is in power in 19 states. It is not a difficult task to abolish legislatures in these states and conduct elections at some point if the BJP is concerned. Elections are to be held in Jharkhand and Maharashtra after the 2019 general election. The BJP is also considering the possibility of holding elections in the April-May-May 2019 elections to those states.

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