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Hyderabad,February 5,(
The TRS hopes to launch the next election campaign with a massive public meeting. About 20 lakhs are likely to be raised to the House. Initially, I would like to hold the public assembly in November with the intention of preparing for the early elections as my center moves are not on the schedule. The purpose of the House is to extend the population from all the districts and broaden the party strength. TRS also hopes that the number of legislative assemblies will also increase.


KCR has commented on the MPs saying, 'Periyar is good and we do not grow up in our plan.' The KCR has been talking about many issues during the discussions with MPs on Saturday night that the issue of dealing with the issues and issues to be discussed in the two Houses during the Parliament Budget Session was discussed. In the absence of assembly seats, the migrants are expected to adjust to the vacant MLA seats this year. The MPs have been informed that the party will be functioning according to the opinion that it will be in the opinion of the early elections. The recent remarks made by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley not preliminary, KCR said on the occasion the MPs had raised comments on the Assembly seats in three days before Amit Shah, By the end of February, the process of setting up the district and state farmers' coordination sets is expected to be completed. The Budget Session will focus on the completion of incomplete development plans and the effective implementation of welfare schemes. 

Apart from the intelligence department, two private companies are surveying. Apart from the power of the ruling party, the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition parties are being evolved through surveys. The recent results of the Gujarat assembly elections and the latest in Rajasthan and West Bengal, the results of the Lok Sabha elections are deeply analyzed. Modi's reputation at the national level and the situation that led up to the Congress's rise has been taking place and studying the field level. The Congress wins have seen the impact of the Telangana.

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