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Khammam, February 01, (
No matter how many warnings the government and the official administration have, the sand is not checked for smuggling. This danda is going to be a tough time at Manipur in Khammam district. Many of the terms are stuck in the tunnel and are overtaken by the government.

                                                  NATURAL RESOURCES LOOTI!

 The indifference of the officers and the negligence of the Rs. The quality of the Godavari and is going on, but the relevant officers are going to see that they are leaving. It is worth noting that in the month-long period, Rs. 50 lakhs worth sand sideways. Overall, the sand mangrove in the Mangalore village has become a source of the sand quarry and expresses that natural resources are being looted.

Some people started taking excavations in the name of the local tributary-tribal tribal community for about a month ago. According to the rules, mining in the goddess in the village of Chinarayogudem. They have received permits to shore sand in 60 hectares of 2 lakh cubic meters. In contrast to the rule, Anantharam is undergoing excavation in the Godavari. According to the rules, the quarry has to collect sand beyond the distance of two kilometers. However, the contractor is doing only 500 meters range. According to the rules, the sand should be lifted with holes. The locals say that sand is being carried by night through the day labor. Even today the authorities react to this draft and warn that Rs.

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