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Peddapalli, February 01, (
The government has taken steps to support the farmers, but the hardships they have suffered. From the beginning of harvest, they have been struggling to harvest. You are mainly the issue of farming for a long time. The farmers of Mettupalayam district are losing grounds that the lack of arrangements to provide water resources will be severely damaged. 

                                                  CORRECT WATER TO FORMERS

There is almost a problem across the joint district but in their area. The water from the Shriramsagar reservoir is a problem that has become a problem and it has a serious impact on crops. There are about 5.73 lakh acres of water within the Srirangam reservoir in the Joint District. By the time of Vana, the Essarespei did not get water because of the wells and bore-grown farmers. After the rains, the reservoir was not flooded and the water was not released. 50 stamens water is available in the reservoir by the yacht crop. The government has decided to release 33 times of water to the yardstick.

The water release program from the water level started from the month of December. Farmers felt that the water would be aspiring. Farmers in the Jaintia district hoped to have paddy cultivation in hopes of abundant water. The nurses were nutritious. But their hopes did not last long. The frustration of the water supply is getting worse because the water supply is inadequate. Even if the river is releasing more than 6,000 cusecs of water, the problem is not resolved. Due to the lack of water for distributors and baby canals. 50 km from the reservoir Thousands of motors have been set up in Nizamabad and Jagathala districts on the Kakatiya Canal. This is why the water is in the canal. The water is not attached to the bottom of the river for six days of release. Within a couple of days, the flow of water on the top is stopped. The resulting drainage is not full of water. District farmers want to respond to the government and the relevant authorities and take action to ensure that water supply is in place.

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