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Vijayawada,February 27,(
The consolation does not help. The criticism of the official TDP has gone unnoticed. As a result, the conflicts in the TDP are due to the cause of the YCP leaders. The opinion that the Opposition to catch the special status of the AP was aggravated by the aggressive action of the people. The BJP and TDP collapsed in the middle of the night. Even seniors are unable to dig up the MPs for the unexpected way to resign. It is also wrong that Jagan takes decisions alone without consulting the seniors. In fact, the AP has a negative impact on the official TDP. At the same time, the opposition is not strong enough. 


There is no criticism that Chandrababu has been given the opportunity to take full advantage of the experience. It is not easy to get the CM decisions faster than ever before. The opinion that when compared to the YCP, as a cure for the blind is also a neutral voter that tactics are good for the TDP. No matter what the consequences led to .. the most confident self-confidence TDP leaders have not been criticized for not addressing public issues. People on these issues are negative towards TDP. Despite months in the public travel process, the problems are left out .. just to let him go. In 2019 we are told to say the fact that Jagan's power is queuing in a party stronger.

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