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February 27,(
India in the 1960s, it is still very different. When We heard his voice on international venues as an alina nation, it was a moral strength. But now it's trying to stand out as a regional power. India played a key role in Bangladesh liberation struggle. Apart from slicing Pakistan, we understand that India has played a role in Bangladesh liberation. We have also seen the support of Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka is a moral sense. But there are different opinions about Sri Lanka's invasion of the army.


It is now widely known that our country is growing regionally. But it is not as dominant unless it is of value as foreign ethics. Indians are the American community. But the international role of America is suspicious. The reason for the Indians to join Western societies without their respective national policies - when Nehru was the Prime Minister, Kennedy became president of the United States. Kennedy book in Telugu that indicates the friendship of the two countries. Another book of the year 1962 was the Chinese poet Shankharavam, a poet written by the teachers (and others). when passing from China, the Indian Flag, was in the sky to spit the sky. No one indirectly pointed to China that the war was over. Nehru was the influence of vision. Democratic secular feelings were strong. Kennedy-Nehru's friendship with the Soviet Union in the later period. In our home, the Soviet earth colorful calendar was annually Looking forward to the Soviet Land Magazine. After watching Kennedy's book, He asked our older brother whether America was good or bad for Russia. When Kennedy was in the USA, then Russia was a peaceful country, he said. Support for new anti-colonial struggles in American independence. But values such as anti-colonialism are comparable with the interests of the US. Those values worked until the European empires were weak. In this case, the American Spanish War of 1898 is a milestone. The United States, who defended the Cuban struggle to oppose the Spanish Empire, later became a colony. There is no doubt of American imperialism in the Pacific Ocean-when the Philippines defeated and captured the Philippines. The recent history of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. 

The collapse of the Soviet Union also saw America's unity. Now we're seeing a decline in American prevalence. The American military was not helpful when the war with China. The border dispute with China is still raging. This confrontation is not limited to the border. To the southwestern region, into the Indian Ocean. Recent analyzes are reported as the Cold War between China and India. China is focused on America. Naval routes are crucial in the Hindu ocean, including the Palk Strait (from the Adon Strait) to the Malacca Strait. It is a competitor between the US and China to hold on. India can be indirectly confronted with China in the direction of India. Both the Chinese and Bharat names as emerging economies are not same as the two. China is the fastest growing economy. Strong military force. Research in the field of artificial intelligence, genetics, nanotechnology etc.

In geographical politics, the cycle is with the US. The debate in India is how to restrict China. The Prime Minister has given Modi the power of preference for neighboring countries in the new. But the strategic failures are more visible. Nevertheless, the number of controversies occurred with Nepal, but the two communities were like milk. But after the recent blockade, there has been strong opposition in the Nepal community towards India. China has a backstage role in committing Communist parties to unify. Nepal cannot survive without supplies from India. Yet, the goodness of China grew. Rajapakse government in Sri Lanka was well suited to China. The united front of Rajapaksa, the united front of different political forces came to power. India is behind this experiment. But even recently there are positive developments in China. In 1988, India carried out military operation  Cactus in the Maldives. It has long been influencing politics. But now there is an anti-Indian government. China worships approaching the Maldives. China, one belt one road project, is a Bhutan free hai and all Indian nations. India's dominant position in the South Asian region is not to come, but it is not unlikely that the opposite is going to happen. It is not good for China to believe in America. If both the recent diplomats and international analysts overview the Indian foreign policy, the two ideas are thoughtful. One of these is to do what India should do to free China. I do not see how many maneuvers I have for India to counter China.

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