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Medak,February 20,(
District officers have been prepared for intermediate annual exams. The tests in March last year will begin from February. This time around 16,343 students will be tested. The intermediate first year students included 7,374 students and secondary school students with 6,286 students. The vocational course includes 687 first year students and 559 students in the secondary year. In the first and second year, 1,475 are private students, while in the vocational course there are 40. These examinations have been set up with 31 centers across the district. 14 examination centers in government schools, two centers in Telangana gurukku schools and 15 private schools were selected as test centers.


Special authorities will be released in the camera cameras. Revenue department officials will also serve as the chief scad for the exams, along with the intermediate nodal officer of the district. Beginning from February 28 and end on March 14th. From March 15 to 19, the courses of vocational courses will be conducted. 

Examinations will be held from 9 am to 12 pm. The questionnaire will be issued before 15 minutes. Hypower Committee was formed as chairman of the district collector for the examinations. District SP, Intermediate Region Direct and District Inter Nodal Officer are members. District Collector (Deck) has been constituted with three members. The district inter nodal officer is Surya Prakash convenor, senior principal of Takemol Junior College, Satyanarayana, Senior Junior College Senior Professor Ethirajawalli. There are three sitting scripts along with a flying scad in the district. All the arrangements have been made for the Intermediate annual exams. A total of 31 examination centers were selected in the district. Lecturers from government junior colleges will act as department officials in the testing centers. In the presence of the department officer in the examination center 15 minutes before the test time, we will be released in camera camera surveillance. Each test center consists of the Chief Superintendent of Police. A flying scad and three sitting teams were formed in Madek 6, Mardak 6, Naraspur 5, Ramayamapeta 5, Thupran 5, Chegunta 2, Kolcharam 1, Shankarampetta (A) 1, Shankarampetta (R) 1, Alladagiragam 1, Takemel 1, Kodipally 1, Weldruti 1 1 in Papannapeta.

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